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Climate Conscious Collabs is a blog and philanthropic effort. The blog is  meant to highlight creatives who are on the forefront of critical discussions in society by using their art as a way to speak to and wake up the masses. The philanthropic effort is to encourage new generations to use their voices through creative ventures like music and other art forms.

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Using The Power of Art In Troubling Climates 

Music, art, dance, writing, and other creative mediums have historically been powerful tools to bridge gaps and bring awareness to important social issues around the world. I believe that a trap music genre rapper could be a voice in climate change. I believe that a rhythm and blues singer could also help deliver the message. I am hoping that Climate Conscious Collabs can be like the old church saying, “Come as you are,”—welcoming a new generation and demographic to be on the front lines of an issue that will affect them if it already hasn’t.

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