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About Climate Conscious Collabs 

Welcome to the Climate Conscious Collabs (3+C), a blog and philanthropic effort. The blog is  meant to highlight creatives who are on the forefront of critical discussions in society by using their art as a way to speak to and wake up the masses.

The philanthropic effort is to encourage new generations to use their voices through creative ventures like music and other art forms. This will be done by contests meant to encourage creatives to engage in these discussions and by encouraging artists to form partnerships with groups and non profits with a "social good" component in their communities. In addition to online fundraising, we plan to have three events around the US to garner funds for this effort. 

Climate Conscious Collabs (3+C) is a philanthropic venture that seeks to pair music artists and other creatives with nonprofit organizations that working to tackle issues related to climate change. Grants will be given to artists who are hoping to put on an event that brings attention to climate change and other pressing issues in their community with the agreement that some of the proceeds from the event will be donated to a nonprofit in their community. The grant will go fully to the artist. The nonprofit does not have to have climate change as their main agenda. Attention will be paid to artists who are from communities of color, poor communities, communities hit hard by climate change and other environmental injustice. While I hope that artists will decide to donate into the philanthropic fund, it is not mandatory. 

We plan to host three events across the United States to garner more interest in the organization and generate more funds.  The  Climate Conscious Blog   is where  dialogue about climate change issues and art will  collide.  Climate Conscious Collabs is a movement. 

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